Natural islands in unnatural backgrounds

Living plants give many natural benefits that we all absolutely need in our indoor environments. But why do they require so much care, water, fertilizer and so on? The reason is that indoor plants are natural islands, but living in unnatural backgrounds, not in their natural environments: since their space is confined to pots or limited flower beds, the soil where they live will never be able to create and to give the natural equilibrium it has in Nature and it will quickly lose the good features it originally had.

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The benefits of the good systems

Good systems make natural plants live well, thrive, have good health, not requiring too much care. Living indoor plants are not in a natural environment: in nature, there is a complex equilibrium system which, by planting a plant in pot, is cut off. The secret is instead to use the right indoor plants cultivation system, which, with the natural right elements and concepts, is able to recreate the good balance and functionality of nature, ensuring to natural plants the same high quality of life, giving us healthy plants with less maintenance.

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Hydroculture for Smartcities

Would it be nice to have natural plants for healthy interiors which do not get sick, which over time grow and become only more beautiful, which have no inconvenient parasites that sometimes trouble even us humans, living normal plants free from the soil deteriorating in a short time and in which insects of all kinds are nestled? And why not, limiting the consumption of water and fertilizers? In a word, live plants, growing in a smart and sustainable system? Yes, it is really nice. It’s called #Hydroculture. But how to make good use of indoor hydroculture system with expertise and proven experience? It’s not enough to call hydroculture: call  #iGreenHydroculture.

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The right plants at the right place

Just like for outdoor, the interior conditions of light and exposure are different and  not all plants fit at the same places. The best systems allow plants to live the best possible, but this must be backed up by a proper professional indoor landscape design, which will prevent you from having bad results. It will be great to see your plants grow in months in height and in volume, with a lush appearance, sprouting new leaves and even increasing value! iGreen team is made up of long experienced highly qualified professionals who analyze all the details to customize for you the best design turning your indoor environments in healthy, vibrant green spaces. We are ready to design and realize any work coordinately and in time, proposing from the beginning the best technical and artistic solutions with the most original and innovative ideas.

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