A project becomes a garden through the proper maintenance

Any landscape project gets the real designed result only through the proper maintenance. After installation, anywhere it is, the plants will certainly change appearance because they develop on site: this is the peculiarity and the most amazing feature of the landscaping, we handle living substance that will change day by day. To have the look you expect from your green realization over time, the proper maintenance will follow suitably the initial design along with the development plan with all the detailed instructions needed. In this way over time your landscape realization not only will have followed the initial design, but also ultimately it will be finally realized in all its beauty. This is the masterly way we work.

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Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance includes the operations that allow all plants to live properly, without stress and risk of decay and it should therefore be carried out with a fixed regularity. Manual irrigation or control of automatic irrigation systems, cleaning of yellow and dry leaves, dry twigs removal, small pruning for plants containment, substrate cleaning, weeding  flower beds, container and supports cleaning are the main activities that must take place during regular maintenance. iGreen is expert to handle regular maintenance with our original method strictly customizing, programming, and checking all the operations required specifically for your green area. Let us guarantee to your plants and green surfaces a lush appearance, saving you time, money and the risk to loose the beauty of your green space.

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Extraordinary Maintenance

Ornamental plants need also extraordinary professional interventions of maintenance, that means: controlling the radical development, pest and fungus controls with the most effective systems but at the same time environmental friendly, shaped pruning, guiding their growth in the programmed size and direction, checking the technical systems supporting your plants and your green surfaces, targeted and delicate fertilizing: they are just few of the many operations to be done. At iGreen we have the right experience and competence to deal with all these specific issues according to a precise and planned schedule to implement your green space project day by day, offering to your green areas and plants the perfect support to live and grow lushly.

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Our contracts

In the range of contracts we offer, there is surely also the one that suits you, which we will personalize for your green areas. On the basis of your needs and of the budget you want to use, we will take care at the top level of your plants and your green areas, from the total adoption of your greenery and all its details, to just advise with small professional interventions. Talk to us about your needs and we will propose you the formula best suited to you among our many possible contracts, developed thanks to the long experience of our management.

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