Roof gardens are landscape

Landscape is everywhere, not just at ground level. We use to only consider what we see walking through the streets, but when we come back to Dubai and see it from the height of the plane, every time we take a look out the window of a tower, it would not be nice to see a city elegantly dressed of beautiful gardens, green even up, on the roofs? Give us your roof, we will turn it into beautiful landscape, for your joy and of all who will see your flowering roof garden, professionally made as our management is able to do from over 25 years.

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Greening the cities roofs

All the most important cities in the world are adopting the right policies to increase greenery. Let’s imagine to multiply the beauty of the landscape we have at ground level and to carry it even above our heads, on the roofs. In this way, the entire surface of the city would become planted, not just the small part of now. Do you have any idea of how much we all would gain from less pollution and more health, oxygen, harmony, physical and mental health, in short… happiness?

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The benefits of the green overlays

Take your time to read our articles about the benefits of green roofing. In the meantime, just start to think about how the bare roofs are polluted and polluting just above your head and even disperding your air conditioning… start to think about how much of your building’s surface is lost as an unused space while it costs you without giving you anything in return… start imagining a very private garden, reserved, protected by the glances, of which you deprive yourself every day keeping your roof unused…

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The benefits of the good systems in hot climates

Green roofs are very beautiful but impossible in such a hot region like Dubai – it is said without emphasizing the fact that in the streets, where it is just as hot, the plants live and thrive. Meaning that when plants are in a suitable system, they grow. The bad results of the green roofs depend on the bad systems used: in such a hot region it is imperative to use the best professional systems to realize green roofs and to fine-tune them for the hot climate with experience, otherwise there can be no good results.

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Systems and landscape projects

To get efficient green roofs and luxurious roof gardens, it is essential to design professionally the technical systems accordingly to the landscape. It is not about making a puzzle of pieces: this after a while will not work anymore. It is instead basic to masterfully recreated the balance of Nature. With us you will get the long experience of our management: we are not sellers of one brand, we are professionals with experience in designing the proper technical solutions, using and calibrating the different best systems in the world, ensuring excellent performance in different situations even in extreme climates.

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