Saving water project and systems for landscape

Reducing the waste of resource is the mission of sustainability, giving great benefits to the environment and, why not, to our wallet! In hot climate regions, in particular, water saving is vital. Your plants must have all the irrigation they need to be lush, but it is imperative to save that much of water often wasted. We do sustainable landscaping with water saving solutions: no more over-utilization of irrigation water in your green areas!

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Bio-engineering in landscape

We apply bio-engineering to landscape, as concepts, techniques and materials. By this approach, respectful of the environment and harmonious in all the details, you will feel spontaneously fully projected into Nature, feeling all the benefits and giving all this to the persons around you. We can do it also for small customized structural parts using natural materials, the only ones able to recreate a balance with the surrounding environment and all the present forms of life. This is crucial particularly in the hot climates.

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Phytodepuration for gardens

Also for gardens it is possible to design and create attractive customized water tanks with plants, as we can do. They are plant-based water treatment tanks, called phyto-depuration, in which the action of the plants naturally purifies water to be used later for irrigation.

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The design of bio-engineering and phyto-purification interventions, which work by creating balanced natural systems, must be carried out by skilled and experienced professionals in these fields, as we have in our team. For this reason we are also available for consultancy for feasibility plans and designs of small and large projects.

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