Vegetable Gardens


Vegetable gardens why

Dedicating a space in the garden to vegetable garden is not a trend of now: all our ancestors always did, poor or rich, in any Country of the world. In recent years, many people everywhere have dealt with bringing back the vegetable gardens inside urban gardens, carrying the awareness of good eating and the relation between food and health. We will help you rediscover the pleasure of picking your vegetables, that you will eat at the best riping point and freshness, enjoying healthy food self-produced at 0 km, showing your children the origin and growth of natural food

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Vegetable gardens how

We will help you planning which edible plants are the best for you, based on your family’s eating habits, choosing which exposure of the garden is appropriate to place them, giving you the best horticultural plants and all the tips for growing vegetables to the best . You can then choose to grow your own vegetables, taking care of them by yourself, or to entrust us their care and discovering directly the pleasure of their growth and their genuine taste. Call us, we will talk about it in person.

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Vegetable gardens in hot climates

Get ready for some small changes to get a lush vegetable garden: a little more shade, a technical system for saving irrigation water, the choice of the right places, some other clever little tricks coming by experience, all this and something more is very useful to grow vegetable gardens in hot climates. We will help you with joy to give you the satisfaction of getting a top result with the vegetables you love the most and which you will be able to taste on your table as soon as they are picked!

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Gardening for healthy communities

Often the trends are beneficial, as in this case. The social gardening activity, which often is related to vegetable gardens, is spreading on the planet as a trend, which introduced and brought to the consciousness of everyone the basic concepts of gardening and its beneficial effects. Gardening improves the health of individuals and, together with other people, sharing experiences and curiosity, it develops a sense of social belonging and improves community health.
We support this stream of thought and we are able to support your small or large community in this experience, starting from the targeted and professional participatory design of your specific social garden, then attending your experiences as well as targeted professional activities in case you need it. Don’t forget that any area is usable for green purposes, even indoor areas or roofs or walls!

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