Vertical gardens are landscape, not a trend

It is no accident that we underline this topic. Vertical gardens now are trendy and everyone would like to have at least one. But in trends there is always a risk: that is, they can go out of style. Living walls are now a part of the landscape in the cities: plants develope vertically, covering the walls with elegance. This is why vertical gardens must be made with competence, to last and give satisfaction by their growth and correct improvement. The plants, their beauty, their variety, the benefits they bring to other living beings, are not goods that sooner or later will change as they were a trend.

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Greening the cities walls

Is it good to use the cities walls to grow plants? Let’s admit: the costs of professional systems are not so inviting. But, apart from that sometimes we can adopt more traditional and economic solutions easily applicable, let’s reflect on this: how would the vision and perception of our metropolis change if we increased living walls? Not only for the huge environmental benefits, how much beauty and nature would they bring? Even if using only a part of the many squares available, everyone would have gigantic benefits and we could admire living art works in all the metropolises of the world. Then, count on us: we are not only specialists of the various and best solutions, systems and techniques, we are also convinced planners, creators and proponent of these wonderful concepts of the cities of tomorrow which have already started to be.

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The benefits of the green walls overlays

Instead of the normal concrete walls, many are the benefits that the living walls bring – and each of them comes to you, from when we install yours:
• Purify the air by absorbing pollutants and increasing oxygenation
• Insulating, they reduce energy consumption
• Reduce noise pollution by being sound-absorbing
• Aesthetically (and therefore economically) re-qualify the environment in which they are located
• Reduce stress, increase quality of life and productivity
• Give beauty and nature, which are food for the well-being.

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The good systems in hot climates

Especially in extremely hot climates, vertical gardens are to be made only and exclusively with professional systems. The special weather conditions in fact do not allow the growth and even the life of plants inside approximate techniques, with which you will immediately seem to save some money but in the end you would only be disappointed. Rely on I Green, we are not just retailers of a single system: we are experts and updated on green technologies. We are on your side: knowing and using many systems, we will propose what matches best with your requests.

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Systems and landscape projects

What makes a green wall attractive is of course its aesthetic result. Not many people know, however, that in order to obtain an amazing and lush result, it’s needed the landscape project of the vertical garden, which must be coordinated with the design of the technical system: the two aspects are interconnected. Based on the result we want to achieve, we will design both the plants and the technical part as the support system, the substrate and the type of irrigation. Everything is linked and from the equilibrium of all the customized factors we will obtain the best result for you. No complication: rely on us and enjoy your gorgeous living wall.

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