We all know on our skin in this part of the world that the only contraindication of the landscape is the need of irrigation: use and waste of a lot of water, so much money, discourage living plants lovers. But, advanced solutions for a smart irrigation exist. As iGreen we use from long time the most sustainable irrigation: water going directly to roots and not wasted due to wind or evaporation. The benefit of the smart irrigation will be felt in your wallet and in the environment, saving a such fundamental resource as water. The iGreen team has also multiple other technologies to decrease the water consumption for irrigation while keeping up and increasing the quality of the green result.

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Water Features

Water is essential for life. For this reason, it has a deep important outcome: its flow has a calming effect to the human mind and relax our feelings. Don’t renounce to these stunning effects because of the water consumption: iGreen offers its valuable expertise to provide you with the best water feature designs with sustainability requirements. We not only help your green space becoming perfectly in harmony with nature, but also saving money thanks to the advanced watersaving techniques used by our Project&Develop team.

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Swimming Pools

When at iGreen we design a swimming pool we never forget to plan all the details that can make you benefit as much as possible the time you spend in or near the water, alone or with family, in the light of the day or under the moon. Our long experience allows us to design pools including all the important components with the most advanced technologies in terms of beauty, sustainability, efficiency, maintenance and hygiene.
Then, just get ready to enjoy the swimming pool of your dreams!

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SPA Swimming Pools

Enjoy the benefits of a SPA swimming pool as in the best Centers of the world! From the smallest devices, to the most advanced and updated techniques and details, to the innovative natural materials, which provide huge benefits to the body and mind, the iGreen team will propose a range of choices to make your pool a fantastic relaxing place.

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Natural bio-swimming Pools

The new trend: in the bio-swimming pool the water is purified and treated without chemicals, in total safety and health, using a balanced natural filtration system taking place from phytodepuration and the movement of water. The result is a pleasant feeling of bathing immersed in nature, in pure and light water, in a perfectly natural ecosystem, sweet with your body and your skin. Call the expert and highly competent team of iGreen: we will take care studying the best original design for you. Any realization always includes the maintenance, at very competitive prices, which will ensure you the complete efficiency of the eco-system.

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